How Local Government Appointments can assist you with recruiting permanent Employees

Local Government Appointments takes the grind out of every selection process by presenting you only with applicants that meet your selection criteria.

We take care of all the necessary processes so that you can concentrate on the most productive aspects of employment, interviewing pre-qualified candidates and selecting the best person for the job.

Local Government Appointments takes a flexible approach to each assignment allowing you to tailor the recruitment methodology to your Council’s individual requirements. The professional services provided by Local Government Appointments are as follows:

  • Assisting with position description refinement
  • Preparing advertisements for your approval
  • Arranging advertising media
  • Free advertisements on the following websites – Seek and Local Government Appointments
  • Extensive database search
  • Interviewing candidates according to your approved selection criteria
  • Preparing interview responses and forwarding resumes for your assessment
  • Short-listing candidates
  • Reference checking
  • Verification of qualifications
  • Arranging medical examinations, psychological assessments and police checks
  • Development of interview questions
  • Representation on the interview panels
  • Negotiation of remuneration
  • Preparing employment contracts
  • Notifying unsuccessful Candidates and providing feedback
  • After placement services.

Local Government Appointments can make your next recruitment process fresh and rewarding. You have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with “People who Know Local Government”.

Recruitment Service Fees

Local Government Appointments’ fees are calculated on the cash component of the employment package.

Besides significant savings to your council, eliminating package fees also allows you to predict fees regardless of the negotiated employment agreement.

Call Local Government Appointments to obtain a quote or a recruitment proposal.

Our Guarantee

Local Government Appointments guarantees the suitability of every permanent appointment for a period of 12 weeks from the commencement of duties.

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