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1. Payroll Officer

REF: 2004541

Our client, a council based in Southern NSW is seeking an experienced Payroll Officer for a temporary role.

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2. Rates Officer

REF: 2004500

A number of Councils in the Sydney Metro area and Regional NSW are seeking experienced Rates Officers for temporary roles.

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3. EHO

REF: 2004424

Our client, a council based in the Sydney Metro area are seeking an experienced and qualified EHO for a temporary role.

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4. Traffic Engineer

REF: Traffic Engineer

Our clients, various Councils in the Sydney Metro and regional areas in NSW are seeking experienced Traffic Engineers for temporary assignments.

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5. Parking Officer

We are seeking experienced and qualified Parking Officers/Rangers for temporary roles in Sydney metro and regional areas in NSW.

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6. Customer Service Officer


We are seeking experienced Customer Service Officers for temporary roles across the Sydney metro area and regional councils in NSW.


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7. Rates Officer


We are seeking suitably qualified and experienced Rates Officers to undertake temporary assignments for Councils in the Sydney Metro area and across regional Councils in NSW.



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8. Design Engineer

REF: Design 10

We are seeking experienced Design Engineers - Civil Works for temporary positions in the Sydney Metro area and Regional Councils in NSW.

Attractive Hourly Rates + Accommodation offered for assignments out of the Sydney metro area.

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9. Water and Wastewater Engineer

REF: Water 10

We are seeking highly experienced Water/Wastewater Engineers to undertake temporary assignments at various regional Councils in NSW and in the Sydney Metro area.

  • Attractive Hourly Rates are available
  • Accommodation and Travel reimbursement are also available where the positions are beyond reasonable daily commuting distances.

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10. Finance Officer

REF: Finance 10

Are you an experienced Local Government Finance professional looking for more flexibility in when and where you work?

We are seeking experienced Finance candidates for Councils in the Sydney Metro area and Regional Councils in NSW. 

Job of The Week

Construction & Maintenance Foreperson

REF: 2008300

We are seeking an experienced Road Construction and Maintenance Foreperson for a temporary seven month assignment based in the Gulf of Carpentaria.


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