Staffing Solutions

Temporary & Casual Staff

Convenience & Flexibility

Local Government Appointments offers you a complete range of services to meet your short-term employment needs. You can...

  • Get assistance when permanent staff are on leave
  • Hire people for special projects and works programs when YOU need them
  • Reserve people for upcoming projects and vacancies
  • Trial employees without committing to permanent employment.

Immediate Response

You get an immediate response on the availability of personnel in over 30 Local Government employment streams.

With Australia's largest database of Local Government employees, we have people ready for work in Management, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Town Planning, Engineering, Health and Building Services, Community Services, Administration, Governance, Water and Sewerage, Sanitation, Civil Works and Parks and Gardens.

Time Savings

You save time as every Local Government Appointments' temporary employee arrives at your Council with...

  • Suitable skills for Local Government
  • Completed and signed documentation
  • Full knowledge of safety requirements.

This means that you spend less time on administration and training and more time on getting the job done.

Support when YOU need it

When you need staff outside normal working hours and at short notice you can rely on Local Government Appointments. We are committed to finding staff when YOU need them.

24-hour staffing support for essential personnel ensures the smooth running of all Local Government business units.

More Choice

Local Government Appointments gives you access to hundreds of experienced Local Government staff. Now finding that special person for your working environment is made easier.

Enhance your Council's image in the community by selecting people who know Local Government. Choose experienced people with the ability to represent you and the communication skills to interact with your residents.

State-wide Coverage

Country and remote area authorities can receive the same standard of professional recruitment services as their metropolitan counterparts. You will find that Local Government Appointments has experienced Local Government Staff eager to take temporary positions in country and remote areas.

Peace of Mind

You have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with "People who Know Local Government".

Local Government Appointments employees are...

  • Experienced in Local Government
  • Evaluated against selection criteria designed for Local Government
  • Assessed for communication skills and presentation
  • Screened and reference checked
  • Reliable. 

Job of The Week

Environmental Health Officer

REF: 2008809

We are seeking an experienced Environmental Health Officer (EHO) for Cassowary Coast Regional Council based in Tropical North QLD.


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